What is a dissertation?

What is meant by a dissertation paper?

A dissertation is generally considered as afinal year project in a college or university course module that is given as a form of an independent assignment for a proper assessment of a particular topic or subject. It is one of the key assignments at the university level that indeed plays a deciding role in the future prospects of the student and more often than not acts as a primary indicator of the true potentials of the academicians and the researchers. In fact, it also, in a way, enables the young research scholars and the academic writers to learn to take responsibilities for their own studies, findings and researches and also to produce, communicate and then demonstrate an idea or a view in their own language and writing. Usually a dissertation is of two types – the college dissertation that is actually a form of assignment for the student and the PhD dissertation that needs to be submitted by the academic writer for the purpose of a doctorate degree. The second one is at times a rather lengthy and a formal one that involves far more background study and research before the final submission.

The basic format of a dissertation

Although there are some basic guidelines and regulations laid down for writing a good academic dissertation, there are basically no fixed rule for writing a particular kind of dissertation and thus, generally, one varies from the other in format, design and style. It mainly depends on the subject the academic writer is going to write on and the particular institution he or she belongs to. However, the most common format of writing a dissertation includes necessarily the following points and the standard format therefore is basically the one that follows:

  • Title Page: It is the part of the presentation section and is quite important, as it is a prelude to the dissertation topic.
  • Abbreviation List: As the name suggests, it provides a list of abbreviations to be found in the dissertation.
  • Introduction: It is a formal text on what is to follow.
  • Literature Review: It is a sort of a long essay that reviews the idea of setting out to write on the particular topic and how it falls into the writer’s present career and field of work.
  • Methodology: It is also an essay size section that discusses the method and the reason of choosing the topic and the method for the following discussion.
  • Findings: This part contains all the results, data, findings and observations. The length depends on how concisely the dissertation writer can present the entire thought in words.
  • Discussion: This is probably the main body of work that discusses the topic for or against it.
  • Conclusion: The inevitable following of the discussion is the conclusion where the writer concludes what his or her inferences are from the facts, data and the observations.
  • Bibliography: It is important in any writing as it backs up and authenticates the writer’s sources and points.

What are the features of a dissertation paper?

A dissertation paper has certainly some characteristic features that separate it from other such academic writings and papers. The main features of a typical dissertation paper have been listed below. Those are as follows:

  • A dissertation paper is primarily a hypothesis or a conjecture that is based on a series of observations, calculations or facts and figures. Thus, the conclusion drawn is not final.
  • Mostly a dissertation paper or a thesis, as it is at times called, is a formal document that argues against or in defense of a given topic or a particular study.
  • The entire dissertation text must be an original and substantial one, starting from the concept, the topic to the writing style and the language.
  • The format of writing a dissertation is to start with a singular hypothesis that forms the dissertation topic of the academic writer and then to collect information, evidences and facts in support of or in denial of the topic. However, the logic for both has to be coherent and in order.
  • Each and every sentence in a dissertation has to be logical and correct and any baseless or irrelevant word or sentence is not entertained.
  • A dissertation mainly aims in allowing concepts and critical thinking through analysis rather than concentrating on experiments and data.
  • Unlike most normal essays, a dissertation essay is generally divided into a number of chapters that again contain a detailed study, discussion and examination in support of or against the subject matter.
  • An essential feature of a dissertation is its pattern and methodology, which needs absolutely to be followed by the academic writers for the best and the most effective results.
  • A dissertation also is basically a sort of an academic research paper only a little less lengthy but again longer than an academic essay.

How do the dissertation papers help in the field of academics? Its importance

A dissertation paper is thus an inevitable aspect of the college courses or semesters and the doctorate programs as well and it serves a number of purposes. It forms the founding basis of the potential academicians and thus plays a huge role in shaping and identifying the abilities of the young interested students who desire to carry on with higher academics. Thus, the importance or the significance of the dissertation paper can be listed as follows below:

  • A dissertation helps the students identify and pin point their area/s of interest during their most crucial years of choice making, in case they are just confused or simply need a confirmation.
  • It also allows the students and the young researchers to explore and culture a topic or a specific area in depth for their additional learning and knowledge.
  • A vital point here is that it allows the students to form their own questions, define those questions themselves with their own independent studies and researches and then share those findings and conclusions with the others in their own words and language.
  • It is a great way of learning to communicate one’s own ideas and concepts and trying to establish them through various logical arguments, references and citations.
  • Writing a dissertation gives the young academic writers a new sense of independence and responsibility since they are involved in the whole process right from the very beginning till the end and get to manage it solely on their own without any external help.
  • It helps in consolidating the entire process of seeking information, arranging them logically, working on the intellectual skills and then presenting the whole thing to others in a comprehensible way.