Identify Situations in which Interview and Survey are Useful

Identify Situations in which Interview and Survey are Useful

Surveys are conducted to gather information about various issues that concern a company. When a company wants to get data or feedback, survey is one competent method because it generally starts from the grass root level and collects required information.

o    In order that the surveys conducted be competent, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The criteria to be questioned should be selected properly.
  • The conductors of the survey should be trained to approach and handle customers of various kinds and temperament.
  • The data should be recorded carefully.
  • The analysis should be done using scientific and justified methods to achieve useful results.

Interviews are a very intrinsic part of recruitment. It is the very basis on which a candidate is judged and considered for employment. There are various ways in interviews are conducted. Every form of interview conducted has its own specifications, method and target. It has its own unique purpose and is designed in a manner so that its purpose is fulfilled fruitfully.

o    To make the interviews effective the following should be maintained:

  • The interviewer must be competent and confident.
  • The atmosphere should be formal and should suit the purpose
  • The guidelines of the interview must be made clear to both the interviewer and the candidate.
  • The judgement should be unbiased and done in a manner that it suits the requirement of the company.

Interviews and surveys are an essential part of the functioning of a company. Let us look into how interviews and surveys can be useful in various situations:

  • Before starting a business or a company, it is very essential that the target customers are decided. Survey is conducted intensely to gauge the requirement of the market and also the acceptability of the product in the market.
  • To decide on the location of a company or a business it is very essential that survey is done. The locality has to be judged, population of the target customers in the locality, the communication available to the place, the location of stores of similar business and companies, and other relevant factors have to be considered before deciding on the location of the company.
  • Surveys are useful too when comparison analysis has to be done. A number of different products are chosen and feedback is taken from customers on the basis of the same criteria. The feedback is then analysed and the comparison is then done on the basis of it. This kind of analysis is very important as it gives the individual companies and also the customers an idea about the current scenario about the products in the market.
  • Data gathered from surveys are very useful while writing research essays and marketing essays.
  • Once, the company is all set in business, it very necessarily looks for feedback from its customers. It lets the company know about its functioning and helps it to analyse customer satisfaction. Any glitch in the service is detected while analysing the data collected from the surveys, and thus improvements can be made. These improvements lead to the expansion and prosperity of the business.
  • Interviews are extremely useful when the aim is to gauge the attitude of the customers. Personally interviewing them helps the interviewer to judge how interested they are in the product. These interviews help in selecting the target customers of a business.
  • Interviews also help to gather attention. If customers are personally interviewed to gather feedback or to generate awareness, it becomes difficult for the customers to ignore a person asking questions. Hence, personal interviews help effectively in generating awareness about a product, thereby advertising it efficiently.
  • When interviews are held for the purpose of recruitment, various attributes are judged. The interviewer also has to be competent for the interview to be fruitful. The interviewer is trained before an interviewer is conducted. For the interview to go smoothly it is very important that the interviewer has complete knowledge about the product, oozes confidence and competence. Only then, the interviewee will be given the proper atmosphere of the interview.
  • The interviews are useful in situations where the body language of the candidate has to be scrutinised. Most of these interviews are designed with the help of psychoanalysts who frame questions that will bring out the thinking pattern of the candidate.
  • Interviews are extremely effective when screening is needed and shortlisting from a huge mass is concerned. In such interviews, the same set of questions is given to the mass, and all those who manage to cross a predefined criteria or score, qualify, thus making the process of shortlisting easy.
  • Interviews can be conducted when the criteria of idea generation has to be tested. The candidates are given a situation or problem and are asked to tackle it and present his idea to the interviewer. The interviewer can analyse the effectiveness and how implementable the idea is in the real scenario and thus judges the candidate’s capability in this regard.
  • Interviewing in groups is another effective way of handling situations where group dynamics have to be judged. The confidence, eloquence and the ability to work as a team comes out when the candidate is put in a real scenario. The interviewers can then judge the individual candidates and recruit accordingly.

Companies dedicate entire departments for conduction of fruitful interviews and solid, conclusive surveys. Thus, it is very well understood how important these procedures are for the development and benefit of the company. As stated above, the interviews and surveys help the company to grow and prosper. Interviews give the company its future, committed and skilled employees while surveys give the company reviews about its functioning and popularity. Interviewers and surveyors should understand the importance of their job and perform their duties with utmost dedication and competence. It is needless to say how important interviews are for the interviews as they are the foundations of their future. The reviewers should also be careful, genuine and true while giving feedback because they will be benefitted ultimately if the company brings about improvements that the customer wishes to.