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Multi-method approach or mixed methodology for Data Collection

The Demand of Multi-methodology for Work

Multi-methodology or the multi-approach of data collection is basically the system of collection of data and information, subjected to any field of interest, regardless of the source of origin of data. The system of data collection can of any possible source with their analysis ranging from quantitative to qualitative approach. Multiple method approaches are mainly used for the purpose of academic essay writing service, coursework help, paper writing help etc.

This poly research approach was revolutionized since 1980’s and it has been gaining popularity ever since.

The primary goal of this concept is to tact any complex situations tactfully and skillfully in order to save Time and Labor skill. In the 21st century, where life is advancing at a progressively accelerating rate, Time is a crucial issue. So, processing of data and making the work ready by researching from different sources provide the ease and benefit of work. Perhaps this is the reason why people are more inclined to adopt this methodology of work.

Primary Benefits:

The prime benefits of mixed approach of compilation of data and its analysis can be useful in different spheres of work. Some of the following benefits are listed below as:

  • Increases authority of work – Hiring mixed methodology of data collection is useful since it validates your work with a strong standpoint. The examiners will get less scope for questioning about the work.  In the case of paper writing services, different sources of data provides the worker while collecting data from multiple sources can state down his report by giving the entire reference source, so it reduces complexity analysis.
  • Better data gathering – A same topic maybe discussed at different sources; however, there are possibilities of having some minuscule information which might not be mentioned at other sources. This might be beneficial in the case of academic essay writing, which provides the writer the flexibility of gathering different data concerning a particular topic – thus making his work better than the others do.
  • Enhances Readability – Multiple data collection ensures that reader gets to have a lucid view of what is being stated in the work of the writer. Quantitative analysis shows how much the writer has deeply stated about their research work and qualitative analysis measures how much easily and clearly, the writer has stated about their work.
  • Provides satisfaction – Another prime benefit of multiple data collection is that it provides ‘best of both world’ for everyone.  This is highly useful for academic paper writing, where the writer can write ‘for’ and ‘against’ concerning any particular topic, thereby saves oneself from the hands of criticism and biased writing.
  • Saves time – It is by far, the biggest advantage, and it is a big boon for students for their coursework help. Multiple data sources saves time for the students in completion of their homework, thus allowing them to work more in less time.
  • Easy detection – Different sources of data provides any examiner the chances to find any flaws regarding any course of work. It helps the user to get better, clear and accurate data of the relevant work, and thereby eliminates all the erroneous results.

The Hour of Need of Mixed Methodology:

The concept of mixed-methodology is highly recognized in the modern society for the sole 2 purposes which are stated as follows:

  • Research Work – Mixed methodology is mainly used for the research work and investigation when situation demands. Again, here two things are kept in mind – Quantitative approach, while highlights about the multiple perspectives and core research for complete understanding about a question or any research work.  This trick is used mainly for finishing coursework – which allows the students to have a detailed discussion regarding any question of their subjects.
  • Simple reasoning – This provides any person a valid platform to talk about in case of group discussions or appearing for reasoning aptitude test, where the extensive knowledge of the person is being tested upon. Liberal views and an array of data from different sources is better when it comes to such situations.

The methodical challenges faced during multi-method approach of data collection:

While mixed methodology is a boon for gathering data at an advanced rate, there are always some challenges faced by any person when it comes to practical approach of doing it. Here are a few points that make the work challenging:

  • Targeted resources – Often, the targeted resources of work may be varied with false misleading information, which can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, one must really look only to that information which are relevant to their field of work, and that should go with the present changes of the society. For example – providing an obsolete data in case of paper writing might be misleading to the reader since it does not go with the modern day methodology.
  • Lack of Cooperation – While doing multi methodology process of data collection, situations may arise where people need to work as a team. In such situations, clashes can arise on the ground of views regarding information. In addition, there might be chances of arguments regarding the assessment and arrangement of data as well as various approach of writing.
  • Analytical interpretations – Academic paper writing calls for production of hypothesis paper work. However, analytical interpretations can determine the conflict of the concurrent data with the old data, thereby, creating an obstacle, and also may cause spoofing of the original data. This can however be resolved by preventing reproduction of the work.

Therefore, from all the discussion, it is apparent that multi methodology contributes to gain informative resources within a quick time period. The application of this new methodology can give extraordinary achievements as it gives a broad view of any data. This mixed method study of data collection helps to design quantitative as well qualitative analysis of the research work. It also helps to spread data, and provides a source to learn new skills perhaps generate new ideas as well.

Literature Review – Dissertation

Everyone must be familiar with the term ‘Literature Review’ but only a few know about it application in a concrete manner. So, here we are going to provide a general insight about the topic as well as its application in the field of studies and research work.

What is Literature Review?

A literature review is deep root analysis about any particular topic, which has been accredited by scholars, or researchers of the concerning field of study. Literature review can manifest itself in the form of ‘Critical Appreciation’, which can aid in essay writing service for the students. It can also aid in the service of thesis writing which benefits the research works. In the terms of financial management, it proves to be valuable for marketing dissertation for the business tycoons to achieve their targeted goals.

Again, it must be kept in mind that a Literature review is not:

  • A gist of the entire work without any critical views.
  • A bibliography of the work.

The call for Review:

Any literature review proves to be a boon in academic as well as marketing field of work for the following reasons:

  • For ensuring a clear cut concept for understanding the topic lucidly.
  • Targeting for the strategic points of work.
  • For producing facsimile results in the field of research like thesis writing.
  • Ensuring a further detailed investigation about the concerned works.
  • Procuring critical reviews for the benefits of students for essay writing
  • To bridge the research gap between previous and new research works.

Literature review opens a vast array of critical reviews and review works for the students – be they in college or school. A work, which has been researched upon by any scholar or academic writer and has gained acclamation worldwide, is a boon for the students. They serve as a reference to highlight ‘meanings’ well hidden between the lines of the original work.

For undergraduates, they are a conceptual framework of the literature works – especially for the Sonnets and Ballads.  While they can serve valuable information about any related topic, they can be mind-boggling, since every scholar performing literature reviews has their own standpoint and view to express about a particular line or phrase.

The Fields of Research:

Literature reviews possess a significant importance in the field of research which when subjected to critical appreciation illuminates different aspects revealed by different scholars. The types of literature review that can be conducted for research works or thesis writing are as follows:

  • Argumentative Review – This type of literature review encompasses its points based on philosophical views or interpretive assumptions, whose views should always contradict with the pre-existing research works. Argumentative review can be of great importance in order to reveal the truth existing between the lines of the works. However, the argumentative reviews shouldn’t be judgmental or biased, which might cause an upheaval among the laureates.
  • Integrative Review – Integrative review goes a long way for the research works, especially for thesis writing for the graduate students. Integrative reviews are done with the sole aim to solidify the previous research works related to literatures, by producing an almost facsimile work. However, the review shouldn’t be a complete replica of the existing works.
  • Historical Review – Historical reviews are done in quest of hidden information, which once might have been misinterpreted. It focuses from the origin of any works, and traces all the way through its evolution till the current works and research. Historical reviews pave the pathway for future research works of the students and researchers.
  • Theoretical Review – Theoretical reviews are done with the sole intention of agglomerating of the facts, information, concepts and sometimes hypothesis as well. Theoretical reviews helps to bridge the gap between the existing theories as well as the present found works and thus, it concretes the generation gap between different works. Theoretical reviews often serve as a backbone to the existing hypothesis, thus paving the way for the future research works in the practical fields.
  • Systematic Review– This type of review is done with the intention of methodical collection of information, then employing a research operation for collecting of valid data and finally undergoing a rigorous method for analyzing it. Research writing is highly dependent on systematic collection of data and therefore its one of the most valued research work.
  • Methodical Review – Methodical review consists of two different levels of research – qualitative research and quantitative research. The collection of data comes from the array of previously existing information as well as conceptual works to practical writings. It helps to create a formative theoretical underpinning of research, and assist in opening multiple paths for further research operations.

The Importance of Research:

Any Literature review work which is subjected to the field of research pertaining to academic or marketing, provide a great deal of importance to since it gives the insight, and perhaps reveals the hidden truths about it – which can’t be deciphered only by reading or analyzing it.

Any Literature review can benefit the students by providing them a platform to raise some questions like “How can this happen?”, “Why is this happening?” etc. and thus it opens the gateway for research such as descriptive, analytic, co relational. With this tool, research works ensures new foundation by allowing research workers to think beyond the previous works, and thus, scholars can look at the topic with a new perspective.

Thesis writing is benefitted with the work help of research. It provides a new affirmative ground for the work they’re doing – reveals the strength and weakness about their concerned work. Research workers can use the paraphrases to consolidate their viewpoint – thereby keeping a similarity with the original works.

Research work is done in the field of marketing dissertation in order to strengthen industry – customer relationship. More research works leads to the transformation of the business, in order to keep pace with the radical change of the society. Research works is conducted upon considering the importance key point such as

  • Potential quality.
  • Demand quality.
  • Output quality.

Research work is an ever changing process, and its demands are continually growing for providing better reviews to the people.

Therefore, all the above-mentioned discussions can now be meaningful enough to provide a brief idea about the need of Literature works review and its research works.